Real Estate Professionals

Accounting services for the real estate industry

Our firm has extensive experience working with property owners, investors and professionals in the real estate industry. We can assist you in all phases of the real estate process, from acquisition, ownership and operation, to the ultimate disposition of the property. We also work with many residential and commercial real estate brokers in their income tax planning and preparation.

Our services can include the initial analysis of a potential commercial or investment property acquisition, including cash flow projections and tax implications, as well as the impact of different choices in tax entity selection for the ownership and operation of the property.

During the ownership and operation of the property we provide full property management accounting services to the building owner, as well as the annual income tax return preparation for either the individual or entity owner.

When it is time to sell or exchange the property, we can advise on the potential tax implications of selling or exchanging and the requirements of a Section 1031 exchange.